【Gagaku (shrine music)lesson to experience for 2days】July.30-31

This tour is never on the any guidebooks.

Would you like to try to be an authentic musician of shrine music?
You can be musician of shrine music with wearing costume.

"Gagaku "is almost Japanese has ever heard it at least once.
Do you know what history and what sounds in the "Gagaku"?

Gagaku has history over 1300 years and it was registered with UNESCO as intangible cultural property.

Ordinary, the music was transmitted from China and Korean Peninsula.
But that was gone due to war , because of word of mouth.
So today we can say Japanese Gagaku is the oldest in the world.

Gagaku is playing at some important invents of royal family, and deep connect with a shrine.

Would you touch and feel to Japanese culture it has been passed down since ancient times.

Then we planned the tour to experience of ancient Gagaku( shrine music) lesson.

Next your turn when you get some images from real playing.

You can practice with real instruments of Gagaku and after that you can performance with wearing costume.

Please take this opportunity to join us.



Name: Miyabi

I like Japanese culture so I love to jumped in this tour
I could feeling eternal culture from play the ancient music with wearing dance costume
The music has history over 1000 years
I thought I could understand deeper with recollecting to ancient time



Contents:Gagaku lesson to experience for 2days

Day 1st
Meet up at Shimoshinmei Shrine
Watching the ensemble of Gagaku practice

Day 2nd
You have lesson for play music of Gagaku
First recite sense of sounds with singing the song of the musical score , after that you can play music with some instruments
When you have mastered the songs then you can do performance as musician with wearing the costume it's called "Hitatare"

Menu: Gagaku Commentary, Instrument Practice, Putting in a Pitbull Tackle and Shooting, Performance

If you can not accommodate about the time on the second day, please contact us.

Today we are doing held every Sunday
Please ask to us anything we can

Place: Shimoshinmeitenso Shrine

The way of easy direction in Tokyo
*Tokyu Oimachi line 下神明(Shimoshinmei) station 5min by walk
*JR Keihintohoku line 大井町(Oimachi)station 15min by walk
*JR Yokosuka line 西大井(Nishioi)station 10min by walk

Cost: 3,300yen


Other: It will be an experience of passing through, not staying.
Please refrain from photographing during watching the ensemble of Gagaku practice

Jul 30 - Jul 31, 2017
[ Sun ] - [ Mon ]
6:00 PM - 8:30 PM JST
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workshop SOLD OUT ¥3,300
Venue Address
東京都品川区二葉1丁目3-24 Japan
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